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About Helsingborg

In Helsingborg the sea is never far away. Salty spray and sand between your toes are part of everyday life during the summer months. Each summer the city organises a big festival free of charge, the Helsingborg festival, with music, food and entertainment. But also during the rest of the year you can find a wide variety of culture, food, sport and experiences in Helsingborg.

Many people want to live, work and study here and Helsingborg is one of the fastest growing cities in Sweden. Helsingborg has a population of close to 132 000 inhabitants and is thereby Sweden's 8th biggest community. About 97 000 people reside in the town itself.

Helsingborg is situated at the narrowest part of the strait between Sweden and Denmark and the distance across the water to Helsingör in Denmark is not more than 4km. Helsingborg is a trading centre, the harbour is the second largest in the country and the European highways cross one another just outside the town.

Culture and entertainment

A stone's throw from the sea you'll find the architecturally celebrated areas of Norra Hamnen and Dunkers Kulturhus. Here you'll find art and history exhibitions, music, theatre and restaurants.

Close to Dunkers you'll find Helsingborg's concert hall with its own symphony orchestra and Helsingborg's city theatre with several stages. If you'd like to dance, go to a concert or maybe see stand-up comedy, then Helsingborg is the city for you.

In Helsingborg you can find two unique gardens: Sofiero palace and palace garden and Fredriksdal's museums and gardens. These parks are beautiful to visit all year around. At Sofiero you can also see gigs in the summer or visit interesting exhibitions. At Fredriksdal you can learn about what life was like in Sweden a long time ago.

In the beautiful Slottshagsparken above Terasstrapporna in the centre of Helsingborg there is something very special. Here you'll find the medieval Kärnan castle tower. Kärnan is about 35 metres high and it's worth every single step up the stairs to reach the top and enjoy the magnificent views over the harbour, Öresund and Helsingör.

Free public Wifi

The City of Helsingborg offers free public Wi-fi at several places in the city center. View the Wifi zones on this map.


The shopping district starts from the Kullagatan pedestrian precinct in the centre including its adjacent side streets and stretches to the city's centre in the south around Gustav Adolf Torg. Don't miss all the city's restaurants and cafés. Outside the city you'll find the Väla modern shopping centre with a large number of shops. There is also an IKEA here, the big furnishing store.