Management and organisation

Campus Helsingborg's board

The board of Campus Helsingborg is tasked with developing, coordinating and evaluating activities at Campus Helsingborg. The board is also to cooperate with business and industry, municipalities and other organisations in the Helsingborg region.

Campus Helsingborg's dean

Annika Olsson has been the dean of Campus Helsingborg since 1 January 2017. The dean has a unifying, strategic function and is the head of the development unit.

The development unit

Campus Helsingborg has a development unit entrusted with developing Lund University’s activities in Helsingborg. The development unit consists of the dean, the cooperation manager, communication manager and administrative head.

Central organisation

Lund University’s administration provides administrative service to students, departments and faculties, among others. The central administration at Campus Helsingborg consists of student services, a library, an IT services supplier, reception, cleaning services and a caretaker’s office. The library is part of the library of the Faculty of Social Sciences and provides services to all activities.

The departments and equivalent units

The departments conduct the majority of the University’s research and education. Activities at a department are managed by a head of department. The following departments and equivalent units have activities at Campus Helsingborg:


The highest decision-making bodies at the faculties are the faculty boards. The following faculties have activities at Campus Helsingborg:

The management of Lund University

The management of Lund University

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