Collaborate with researchers and students

Education and research are converted into societal benefits through innovations and other forms of external engagement. Campus Helsingborg invites in the public, politicians, the business sector, organisations and media to discuss issues that are important for the region. We also cooperate with schools in order to awaken an early interest in higher education.

We know that cross-boundary collaborations help us to find solutions for the future’s big issues. That is why we focus on applied research in close collaborations between municipalities, universities, the business sector and organisations.

You are welcome to contact our external engagement manager, Magnus Adenskog, to discuss the available options for collaborating with us, or phone +46 42 35 66 05, +46 72 450 17 41.

Collaboration through:

  • Professional development and courses
  • Expert support for specific needs
  • Partnership in research projects
  • Degree projects and student projects
  • Placements for students

Professional development for your staff

The University tailors programmes for companies and organisations through Lund University Commissioned Education (LUCE). Commissioned education is based on the collective expertise of the University’s researchers and teaching staff. Our programmes are always up to date, based on the latest research findings and often interdisciplinary in order to cover our clients’ needs.

Career days

Taking part in the University’s career days is a very good opportunity to showcase your organisation for students. Lund University has several different events linked to the business sector, and at Campus Helsingborg the Agora Day and MässING career days take place annually.

Network for companies and organisations

A good way of collaborating with Campus Helsingborg is to become a member of the non-profit organisation Campus Vänner, which solicits donations from the business sector and organisations. The money is then converted into inspiring initiatives and scholarships for the students. Members of Campus Vänner are also invited to network meetings, lectures and activities. The current membership includes some 70 companies and organisations in the region.

The Campus Vänner Connects platform allows Campus Vänner members to advertise job vacancies, placements and degree projects for students. Download the Campus Vänner Connects app or register on the Campus Vänner website.



Magnus Adenskog
External engagement manager
Tel. +46 42-35 66 05, +46 72-450 17 41

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