Helsingborg is a student-friendly city. This means the city takes an active part in ensuring that all students feel welcome and get the help they need. Helsingborg is a small university city and wherever your housing is located, you are never far from your classroom.

Housing in Helsingborg

Studying a full-time programme at our campus in Helsingborg means that you will be spending a lot of time in Helsingborg. For that reason, we strongly recommend that you apply or look for housing in Helsingborg. It is possible to commute between Lund and Helsingborg – however, please note that a monthly commuter card between Helsingborg and Lund costs approximately SEK 890. The additional cost each month, in addition to the time spent commuting, is something you should keep in mind if you decide to look for housing in Lund.

Student accommodation in Helsingborg (Helsingborgsstudent.se)

LU Accommodation

We recommend that you apply for the housing options located in Helsingborg. Information on the application process and housing areas in Helsingborg can be found on the LU Accommodation webpage. Please note: even if you have a housing guarantee, you need to submit an application for housing in order to receive an offer.

Other housing options in Helsingborg

If you do not have a housing guarantee (EU/EEA citizens), it is essential that you also look into other housing options as early as possible. Most LU Accommodation housing options will be allocated to students with a housing guarantee and you are responsible for finding your own housing.

Please check the advertised housing at BoPoolen.nu and read through the information about housing in Helsingborg at Helsingborgsstudent.se.

Looking for student accomodation in Helsingborg?

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