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Student account and access card

Student account

To access a number of electronic services and resources at Lund University, you need a student account (StiL) with a password, which will be sent to your via email before the start of the semester. The account details are sent to the email address you provided in your application. Use the student account to log in to My Campus, computers, wireless networks, Lund University databases and the student portal. If you need help with your student account, please contact StiL support.

IT support

The IT division is responsible for the running and maintenance of the IT equipment. If you need IT support, please start by asking the reception in Campus Helsingborg’s main entrance,

Everyone studying at Campus Helsingborg has access to the computer rooms and other computer stations. 

Wireless network

Lund University offers a wireless network accessible by logging in with your student account. The wireless network works on most of Campus Helsingborg, including the inner courtyard and outside the main entrance.

Access card

As a student, you need a personal access card to enter university premises: the LU card. You will usually get this card during the start of the semester. If you haven't received the LU card once the semester has begun, you can obtain your new LU card in room C166 at Campus Helsingborg during the following hours:

Monday: 9.30-12.30
Tuesday: 9.30-12.30
Wednesday: 9.30-12.30

The code for your new card

You will receive a PIN code for your new card via email, on the same day you obtained the card or on the following day.

Forgotten your code?

Log in to the LU card's homepage with your StiL ID, by following the link below:

Printing and copying

In order to be able to print or copy, you must first set up a PayEx account and connect it to Lund University's copying and printing service (if you already have a PayEx account, you can use that and simply connect it to the printing and copying service).

Information on how to set up a PayEx account and connect it to Lund University’s printing and copying service is available on under Computers/Printers -> Secure Print ->PayEx for student.

Printers/copiers are available on floors C2–C5. On floor C2 they are located in the library and in the printing room in the southern part of C2; on the other floors, the machines are just inside the door from the north stairwell.

Student computer support

If you have any questions about the student portal, you are welcome to contact support:

MSN Chat:
Google Talk:
Phone: 046-222 01 00
Phone hours: Monday to Friday 16-19
Need a new password?: Order one