Campus Helsingborg

Lund University

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Student life

In Helsingborg, there are always fun student activities just around the corner. In addition, Lund's student life is only a half hour train journey away.

There are many opportunities to meet and make new friends whether you prefer to go to a student lounge to relax and party, sing in a choir, see an exhibition, join a sports team, volunteer at the student radio or perform in the theatre or join in other student events.

Coming to Lund University is also a great opportunity to experience the beautiful nature and outdoors of Sweden. City parks, hiking areas, beaches, cycling and walking routes, kayaking and sailing are all within easy reach.

There are also a number of interesting tourist attractions to visit within Skåne (the southern most region of Sweden where Helsingborg is located) and in nearby Copenhagen which is about an hour by train from Helsingborg, taking you over the Öresund bridge into Denmark.