Copy, print and scan

PaperCut - printing system

PaperCut handles student printing for all students at Lund University.

First, you register your Visa/Master card. Log in with your student account.
If you are not a student at Lund University, contact the library staff.

Log in to register your Visa/Master card


You can copy, print and scan in the Library. There are also printers on the floors of C2, C3, C4 and C5. The documents you want to print are sent to the printing queue. Go to any of the multiprinters and log in, either by placing your LU card on the card reader to the left or by logging in manually with your Student account, (former StiL-id ). Select the documents you want to print and click Print. The fee will only be deducted from your account once the document is actually printed.

Copy or scan

Log in to the printer either by placing your LU card on the reader to the left or by entering your Student account.  Choose copy or scan. If you select “Send to me”, the scanned file will be sent to your student email address.



Price list

Price list

Here is a detailed price list


Here you can learn more about copyrights, information about what to consider when publishing, and what rules apply for reproducing (copying).

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