Interlibrary Loans

Limited service

Many libraries around the world are right now closed in order to prevent virus spreading. This means that we at the moment aren't able to handle interlibrary loans of books that cannot be found in Sweden. If you wish to order anything from outside Sweden, please come back with your order at a later date. We will inform you when it is possible to order interlibrary loans of books from outside the country again.

Limited service during summer

Remember to request your summer reading on time. The interlibrary loan service is closed 22/6-31/7. The service is open but limited until the 31st of August. This limitation is due to that most university libraries are closed during the summer. 


Interlibrary loans is a service for students, teachers and researchers at Campus Helsingborg. It takes approximately 1 week to receive an ordered book. You may only request material that is related to the course you are studying. Course literature cannot be obtained through interlibrary loan. The loan period is determined by the lending library.

Always search LUBcat and Helsingborg’s public library catalogue before ordering an interlibrary loan to check whether the book you need might not be available there. Then search and order via the national catalogue, Libris

Requesting directly through Libris

If you find a book you are looking for in Libris, you can request it directly via Libris. 
Before making your first request, you need to create an account (form only in Swedish).

Material not listed in Libris

If the material you want to request is not listed in Libris, you can use this request form: BasILL -  Interlibrary loan request form (New window)

How much does it cost?

Borrowing books from libraries within the Nordic area is free of charge for students and researchers. Articles cost SEK 80 / article (1–30 pages) for students but are free of charge for researchers (delivered as copies). For other prices and interlending libraries please see Lund University Libraries Pricelist for interlibrary loans.

How long does it take?

How long it takes to receive a requested book or article depends on availability and the home library of the requested book or article. Articles tend to arrive faster than books, and you should expect to wait at least a week for a book. We notify you via email when the requested material has arrived. It can be picked up at the information desk. If you have any questions, please contact us!


If you have questions please contact:

Nina Smiseth
Phone: 042-35 65 49


LIBRIS is the joint catalogue of the Swedish academic and research libraries and is updated on a daily basis.


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Public library catalogue

This catalogue gives you access to 55 public libraries 

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