Overdue fees

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The Campus Helsingborg Library charges a late fee of SEK 10/book and day for course books returned after the loan has expired. This applies to all borrowers. The fee is to be paid at the library where the debt was incurred.

  • The late fee is applied as of the day after the stated return date. No fee is generated during days when the library is closed, or during weekends.
  • Books, returned in book drops, are checked in the following working day. Course books that are overdue then will generate an overdue fee.
  • The late fee is capped at SEK 280 per book.       
  • If you have SEK 100 or more in unpaid late fees, you are automatically denied any new loans and renewals at all libraries within Lund University. The debt must be paid in full before you can start borrowing books again.

Reminder notices

It is always your personal responsibility to take note of the return date for your loan and to respect it. The library system automatically generates a reminder notice via email before the end of the loan period and a late return notice the day after the material was due back. 

If, for some reason, you do not receive reminders or late return notices it is still your responsibility to return the books before the loan has expired.


If the book has not been returned 28 days after the return date in spite of two reminder notices, an invoice is generated. The amount invoiced consists of the cost of replacing the material as well as a handling fee of SEK 300. 

These regulations are based on the "General terms and conditions for loans at Lund University libraries" (PDF, 836 KB).


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