Renew your loans

How long you may keep a book depends on the sort of book you have borrowed; a course book, a long term loan or an interlibrary loan. Read more here!

Renewing loans on course books

The loan period for a course book is 2 weeks. Unless no one else is waiting to borrow the book, the loan will be automatically renewed and you can have it for 2 more weeks. There is maximum of 5 automatic renewals, if you wish to keep the book longer you will have to bring it to the library. Check your due dates your account in LUBcat.

Renewing long term loans

Long term loans apply to all books at Sambib, except course books. The loan period is 28 days, with automatic renewals, if there is no request.

You cannot renew loans on books with automatic renewals yourself. To renew loans on these books manually, you need to bring them in to the library.

Renewing interlibrary loans

Renewing your interlibrary loans requires, as with the long term loans above, that you bring them to the library. You cannot renew them yourself. When you renew an interlibrary loan you are not guaranteed a loan period since the home library may request them. If that happens you recieve an e-mail from us.



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