LUCRIS has replaced LUP as input interface for reserarch output

LUCRIS is a Current Research Information System for research information that aims to collect and visualize different aspects of a researcher's work. By linking scholarly activities, within academia and in relation to the so called third task, with the researchers, the projects and the publications, LU will have a database that provides rich information about the research conducted. This information can be used by colleagues both within and outside the university, by the media and the interested public. LUCRIS have an input interface, and a public portal - the Research Portal.

What's in it for me as a researcher?

  • Enter information once that can be used in many places.
  • Present your research
  • Find new partners!

What's in it for me as a Dean/research leader?

  • Ability to extract reports on publications, activities and researchers
  • Increase visability of your research group / institution

LUCRIS support

The LUCRIS Support
Phone: 046-222 90 00

Sara Rondahl
Phone: 042-35 65 73

The Research Portal

The Research Portal

Find researchers, publications, projects and units at Lund University


More information at LU:s Staff pages

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