Campus Helsingborg

Lund University

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Meet our researchers

Campus Helsingborg's profile is at once broad and specialised. On the one hand, it is home to research in traditional and vast subject areas - such as social work, educational sciences and engineering. On the other hand, research in new academic fields thrives here, such as service management, fashion studies and strategic communication.

"In recent decades, the coastal areas have gone from traditional industries such as fishing to tourism." Cecilia Fredriksson, professor at the Department of Service Management and Service Studies

"So the question is: how does the transition from student to social worker function in practice?" Shari Granlöf, lecturer and research student at the School of Social Work

"Strategic communication has never been as significant as it is today." Jesper Falkheimer, professor at the Department of Strategic Communication

"In every golf club there is a defibrillator. Anyone is supposed to be able to use it." Christin Lindholm, research student at the School of Engineering