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Psychology - Risk, performance and work organisation

The research environment in Psychology at Campus Helsingborg conducts applied research in psychology within and between the three research fields of risk psychology, performance psychology and organisational psychology.

Research objectives

The research team’s focus provides opportunities to investigate several issues with a high application value.

The following are examples of research issues:

  • Performance under acute stress in high stress professions
  • Causes of errors and oversights in risk activities
  • Decision-making in work organisation
  • The significance of leadership for performance
  • Chronic stress and its effects on work performance
  • Human factors (human-technology interaction) in risk activities
  • The significance of communication and leadership for performance under stress

The research team

The research team consists of researchers with a broad experience of research and teaching in psychology. The researchers have experience of projects in cooperation with organisations such as the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, the Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration.

Magnus R Larsson works with personality psychology and stress psychology in high stress work environments. Ilkka Salo specialises in cognitive psychology and industry and organisational psychology – mainly within the areas of assessment and decision-making as well as psychological and organisational aspects of safety.

Magnus R Larsson, PhD, Senior lecturer in Psychology
+46 (0)46-222 17 23, +46 (0)42-35 65 47

Ilkka Salo, PhD, Senior lecturer in Psychology
+46 (0)46-222 87 42, +46 (0)42-35 65 47