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ReLog - Innovative environment for retail service and city logistics

Competition is getting tougher for retail service companies and efficient logistics are in many cases crucial to the distribution of goods and services. ReLog is an innovative environment for the development of the retail services and city logistics of the future, in cooperation between Lund University, the city of Helsingborg, Familjen Helsingborg, VINNOVA and business and industry in Helsingborg.

The starting point for the investment in the new research platform is the increased significance of logistics for retail. Helsingborg is a commercial city and a logistical hub for goods and transport. Helsingborg harbour has developed into Sweden’s second-largest container port, which sets high requirements for research and development within the field of logistics.

The city of Helsingborg has identified logistics as a priority area for research and higher education. The nature of the city’s business and industry was a determining factor in the establishment of education and research in logistics at Helsingborg.

The research within ReLog integrates the expertise in logistics and service studies which is well established at Campus Helsingborg. The close collaboration with logistics and retail companies provides excellent conditions for applied research.

The project is jointly financed by the city of Helsingborg, VINNOVA and Lund University.

ReLog's focus areas: Retail services logistics and City logistics

Logistics are an important part of retail. Efficient logistics for the distribution of products and services are in many cases the determining factor for successful retail enterprise. This applies to both purchasing, transport, the role and function of intermediaries, warehouse storage, packaging and other management of the physical goods.

City logistics are distinct from general logistics in that they emphasise the consolidation, distribution and transport of goods over the ‟last ten kilometres” to the city centres. City logistics simultaneously take into account the limitations of the urban environment, city traffic, emissions and energy consumption.


Daniel Hellström, Research team leader ReLog
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Mats Johnsson
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Klas Hjort
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Pernilla Derwik
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Steering group

In addition to the researchers involved in ReLog, there is a steering group with participants who represent the principal funders, cooperation partners from business and industry and leaders of cluster organisations within the field of logistics.

  • Annika Olsson, Professor of packaging logistics, Lund University
  • Claes Malmberg, head of business development, City of Helsingborg
  • Jesper Falkheimer, Professor and Vice-Chancellor Campus Helsingborg
  • Sten-Åke Tjärnlund, Chair, CeLIT
  • Tommy Paulsson, CEO Bring Frigoscandia
  • Per-Stefan Gersbro, CEO Packbridge