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Workshop: Sharing as a new logic of innovation

Date: Tuesday 20th November
Time: 14–17
Place: Lund University at Campus Helsingborg (room C729). Address: Universitetsplatsen 2, 252 25 Helsingborg.

A particular type of platform-based services has emerged within what is commonly referred to as the sharing economy. The sharing economy builds on a shift from ownership to a mutual sharing of resources between service-providers and service-users. Digital platforms make it possible for organisations and users to share and co-produce material and immaterial values.

The sharing logic is often said to disrupt traditional business models and open up for innovation and entrepreneurship. To date, there are few studies on platform-based service innovations and there is a need to develop new knowledge on the logic of sharing and its implications for societal transformations and alternative business models.

The Department of Service Management and Service Studies at Lund University, Campus Helsingborg, hereby invites you to participate in the half-day workshop Sharing as a new logic of innovation: platform-based services in city tourism destinations. The workshop aims to bring together and form new constellations of scholars and practitioners interested in sharing as a new logic of service innovation in city tourism destinations.

Based on shortpresentations of on-going and completed research projects on sharing, the workshop will discuss how these projects may inspire participants' ideas, experiences, and research. We will have participants from authorities, industry and academia, who will present their views on this issue. The workshop is free of charge, but travel expenses have to be paid by the participants.

Register for the workshop by sending an email to no later than 14th November.



Mia Larson, Associate professor, Department of Service Management and Service Studies & Cecilia Cassinger, Assistant professor, Department of Strategic Communication, Lund University.

  • Introduction: Innovation in a sharing economy
  • Platform-based service innovation in adventure tourism: The case of Aways


Kes McCormick, Associate professor, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University.

  • Sharing Cities Sweden: A National Program for the Sharing Economy in Cities

15.00–15.20 Drinks and snacks


Szilvia Gyimothy, Associate professor, Department of Culture & Global Studies, Aalborg University, Denmark.

  • The Airbnbzation of Copenhagen Neighbourhoods: Micro-entrepreneurship in the city


Panel discussion led by Cecilia Cassinger with Mia Larson, Martin Güll, Director of Digitalisation, Helsingborg city, Szilvia Gyimothy, Kes McCormick, Emma Håkansson, Head of Tourism, Hesingborg City.


Discussion in small groups and wrap up.

  • The future of platform-based service innovation – Where do we go from here?