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BREAKFAST: EU after COP26 – what to expect?

Before and during COP26, young people have called for urgent climate action. The European Commission argues that climate action is the top priority for the EU. But is the speed fast enough? And what changes are to be expected by the EU Green Deal? These issues, among others, will be discussed in a breakfast seminar on 2 December.

Sanna Trygg – Publicerad den 24 november 2021

Christian Danielsson, Head of the European Commission's Representation in Sweden, visits Campus Helsingborg to discuss COP26 with students.

After two weeks of intense negotiations, the world's top leaders have left Glasgow and are back home, trying to manage their homework of COP26 – limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. 

But what effects will the decisions made in Glasgow have on a European level? 

Welcome to a one hour seminar with  Christian Danielsson, Head of the European Commission's Representation in Sweden. He will discuss Europe's ambition to become the world's first climate-neutral continent by 2050. He will also go through the European Green Deal as well as the effects of  the Paris Agreements and COP26, on a European, national and global level. 

Alva Nyblom, President of the Fashion Science Board, at Lund University, will discuss questions related to greenwashing, the future of the fashion industry as well as the responsibilities of the private common consumer versus policymaking on a political level.

Jean Rochat, student at the program Sustainable Service Management, Campus Helsingborg, Lund university, will discuss topics related to sustainable consumption, sustainable business models and environmental governance and policy.

The seminar will be moderated by Johan Alvehus, Researcher at Campus Helsingborg, Lund University.

There will be free breakfast during the talk.

Interested in making a career in  some of the European Union organs? After the seminar, you are welcome to ask questions to Christian Danielsson, who has a long career at the European Commission, about how to make a career in the European Union institutions, including the European Commission, the Court of Justice and the European Parliament. The career session is placed in E218 10.00-10.30.


December 2, 09.00-10.00 (followed by a 30 minutes session focusing on how to make a career in the European Union, ending 10.30).


U202, Campus Helsingborg


You need to register before Tuesday 29:th November in order to get a seat. Please note that the maximum audience is 100 people, according to the guidelines from Folkhälsomyndigheten. The event will not be streamed. YOU REGISTER HERE.

Any further questions, please contact Sanna Trygg, Head of Communication, Campus Helsingborg, Lund University, phone: 0727172201 or sanna.trygg@ch.lu.se