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Security and fire safety

Security and fire safety

In an emergency – call 112

Don't forget to dial a 0 before the number from an internal telephone: 0-112.

University security control centre

If you need to contact a security officer or the University’s on-call staff, call +46 46 222 07 00 (or 20 700 from an internal telephone).


In case of fire:

  • Dial 112 and ask for the fire brigade.
  • Activate a fire alarm by pressing the button.
  • Report calmly and clearly:
    What is on fire and to what extent. Your location: Campus Helsingborg, Universitetsplatsen 2 (known as the Tretorn building).
  • Close doors and windows.
  • Vacuate to the assembly point.

The building is equipped with automatic fire alarms. This means that the fire brigade is automatically alerted if the temperature exceeds 70 degrees. The building is also equipped with a sprinkler system.

Remember that you are always to ring the fire brigade regardless of the size of the fire.

Evacuation alarm

When the alarm sounds, everyone at Campus Helsingborg is to leave the buildings immediately and head for the designated assembly point.

Evacuating to the assembly point

  • Leave the building immediately and calmly, take the nearest exit. Leave through the stairwells, do not use the elevator.
  • The assembly point is outside the main entrance by the stairs.
  • Don’t block the main entrance, go a bit further away.
  • Use alternative evacuation routes if possible, there are two stairwells accessible from each floor, one to the north and one to the south.
  • Emergency exits are marked with green signage.

Stay at the assembly point until the fire safety officer gives the all clear for return to the building.

Evacuation plans

The evacuation plans showing exit routes are located in the corridors on all floors of the building. Have a look at them as a theoretical evacuation exercise.

In order to ensure that the fire alarm system is functioning, it is tested once a month.
The assembly point is between the parking lots in front of the entrance

Accidents and illness

  • If someone falls ill, gets injured or requires an ambulance for any other reason, inform the reception (+46 42 35 65 20) or call 112 directly and request an ambulance.
  • Your location: Campus Helsingborg, Universitetsplatsen 2 (known as the Tretorn building).
  • Meet the ambulance staff and show them the way. While you wait, try to help the injured person. In case of minor accidents, apply first aid and accompany the injured person to the hospital.

There are defibrillators and first aid kits on each floor.

The elevators are equipped with alarms which connect to rescue services, even outside normal working hours.

Download instructions

Instructions for evacuations and accidents (PDF, 157 kB, new window)


Chief security officer

Fredrik Bexell

+46 46-222 33 33

Fire safety officer

Jerker Jacobsson
+46 709-565 793

Overall responsibility

Charlotta Johnsson, rector
+46 706 40 87 89

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