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Scholarships and collaborations

with the business sector

Scholarships and collaboration with the business sector

As a student, you have the chance to establish contacts with the business sector and organisations during your period of studies. In Helsingborg, there are considerable opportunities for collaboration in terms of projects, placements and jobs.

Campus Vänner

The aim of Campus Vänner (Campus Friends) is to motivate and engage the students at Campus Helsingborg. The member companies do this by collecting funds that are converted into inspiring initiatives in the form of scholarships.

Through the Campus Vänner Connects platform, the 70 member companies of Campus Vänner advertise jobs, placements and degree projects for students. Download the Campus Vänner Connects app or register via the Campus Vänner website.

Campus Vänner's website

Career days

The student unions organise career days, which provide a good opportunity for students to strengthen their contact networks and obtain placements and jobs.


The Social Sciences students' union Agora organises the AGORA Day for students from Service Management and Strategic Communication.

Agora's website


MässING is the career day for tomorrow's engineers.

MässING's website (unfortunately only available in Swedish)

City of Helsingborg scholarships

Every year, the City of Helsingborg grants scholarships for education and research projects. As a student, you can also apply for scholarships to travel to Helsingborg's sister cities. Each year, the city employs student workers in roles such as web coordinator, housing coordinator and communication officer.

Helsingborgsstudent's website


Using Connect's processes and forums, companies have the opportunity to present and test their ideas in the marketplace and obtain valuable advice and contacts that also open up possibilities to apply for capital.

Connect's website 

E-commerce Park

E-commerce Park in Helsingborg has the first incubator in Sweden dedicated solely to e-commerce. Since the company – an e-commerce cluster located in Helsingborg – was formed in 2015, it has been engaged in strengthening Sweden’s e-commerce scene.

E-commerce Park's website

Helsingborg International Connections

Helsingborg International Connections (HIC) is an independent organisation working in partnership with Helsingborg Municipality to provide a warm welcome for international residents.

Helsingborg International Connections' website


Leapfrogs, which is run by LU Innovation, gives you the opportunity to work full-time on your business concept for three months with financial support equivalent to that from the Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN). During the project period, you have the chance to focus on furthering your idea and hopefully take a leap forward in the development of the project.

Leapfrogs' website

Lunicore Student Consulting

Lunicore is looking for strongly motivated students at Lund University with experience of working in groups. Working as a consultant in parallel with studies can provide valuable experience ahead of a future career. Lunicore har offices in Lund and Helsingborg.

Lunicore's website

Media Evolution

Media Evolution is the hub for Malmö's media segments. Lund University is a member of Media Evolution, which gives students and staff the opportunity to participate in a large number of member activities in Malmö and Helsingborg. This is a place for the business community to meet academia and public sector players in the media area.

Media Evolution's website

MiH Student

Via the Marketing Association in the Helsingborg region (MiH) you have the opportunity to meet active entrepreneurs from the area. MiH Student, the Marketing Association's section for students, organises events and activities such as inspirational lectures, mentor programmes and company visits.

MiH Student's website


Sustainalink gives students the opportunity to conduct sustainability projects at companies, municipalities and other organisations in Skåne.

Sustainalink website


All students at Lund University can register with the Careers Services’ career portal MyCareer through which more than 1 000 companies and organisations advertise their jobs, internships, thesis projects and postdoctoral positions to Lund University students.

MyCareer's website


NyföretagarCentrum, a centre for new entrepreneurs, gives those who are thinking of starting their own company – or who have already started – free advice. We have experienced advisors who help you with your business concept, questions relating to budgets or marketing, or any other issue concerning your entrepreneurship.

NyföretagarCentrum's website

Scholarships for current students

Scholarships are granted according to different criteria: on the basis, for example, of the subject, the cycle of study, if you are to study abroad or come from a certain province. For most of the scholarships, you must have studied at least two semesters at Lund University in order to be eligible to receive a scholarship.

Scholarships at Lund University's website

Think Accelerate

Think is southern Sweden's first accelerator, an intensive three-month programme for tech start-ups. During the three months you have access to free office space, courses and a broad network of other entrepreneurs, mentors, advisors and investors.

Think Accelerate's website


VentureLab is a part of Lund University that is aimed at students and works to encourage entrepreneurship, helping students and new graduates who want to develop a business concept or start their own company. VentureLab offers inspirational activities, concept and business development and runs a student incubator at Mindpark in Helsingborg and Ideon in Lund.

VentureLab's website


Visionsfonden (Vision Fund) is for those with big or small ideas for developing and changing Helsingborg. All projects are assessed on the basis of potential societal benefits for the city and how new the project is for Helsingborg.

Visionsfonden's website

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