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Student organisations

Student organisations

In Helsingborg, which is a young and dynamic student city, there is always something going on for students. The base for Helsingborg’s student life is Helsingborgen, which is a building in central Helsingborg. When you start your studies at Campus Helsingborg, you can join the University student organisations represented in the city.

The Unions

The unions work to maintain high quality in education and to ensure that your time as a student is as enjoyable as possible. It is not compulsory to join a union, but it is an opportunity for you, as a student, to influence your study situation. If you are studying at Campus Helsingborg, you can contact the unions for students of Engineering, Social Sciences or Humanities and Theology.


Studentlund is a cooperation between the Nations (traditional student associations at Lund University), the unions and the Academic Society in Lund, which allows you to take advantage of Lund’s student life.

Studentlund's website


LUS is the umbrella organisation for all student unions at Lund University.

Lund University Student Unions' website

The Stampus student association

Stampus works to improve the quality of student life outside study time. Stampus organises activities such as sports, choirs, student radio and parties.

The Stampus student associations' website

MiH Student

MiH Future is a part of Marketing in the Helsingborg region (MiH) aimed at students and young people up to the age of 30. Its objective is to function as a forum for networking between students, young people and business and industry in the Helsingborg region.

MiH Student's website

Helsingborg International Connections (HIC)

Helsingborg International Connections is a knowledge-sharing network for international talent and their families. They want you to feel at home in Helsingborg. HIC events will keep you informed about living, studying and working in the city, while their community of friends and contacts will help you build a wider social group and extend your professional network.

Sign up for free as a HIC member so that they can keep you updated by their newsletter.

Helsingborg International Connections' website 

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