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Study guidance and support

At Lund University you have access to services and advice, so that your time as a student will be as good as possible. We are here to provide assistance for those who want to improve their study techniques, do not know which course to take, want to study abroad or do not feel well among other things. Student Services at Campus Helsingborg is located on the first floor, C1.

Study guidance – before and during your time as a student

You are welcome to contact Campus Helsingborg’s study advisor Astrid Johnson at the Lund University General Study Guidance Service if, for example, you are uncertain about your choice of studies, have questions about application and admission rules or would like to know more about the professional careers to which various programmes can lead.

A study guidance discussion takes approximately one hour and needs to be booked in advance.


If you want to book a discussion in Helsingborg, contact study advisor Astrid Johnson at


If you want to book a discussion in Lund, write to Always state your telephone number and briefly outline your questions.

Read more about the Study Guidance at Lund University's website

Study guidance for specific programmes and courses

If you have more detailed questions about a specific programme or course, contact the study advisor at the department offering the programme. These questions may concern entry requirements, credit transfer of courses, approved leave from studies or deferment of the start of a study period.

Learning support – for students with disabilities

Having a disability such as impaired vision, dyslexia or ADHD is no obstacle to studying at Lund University. Various types of learning support measures are available to facilitate studying, such as note-taking assistance or mentoring support.

Please contact Carina Argelius, learning support coordinator at Campus Helsingborg via e-mail or tel. +46 46 222 34 30.

Read more about learning support at Lund University's website

Academic Support Centre – study techniques and academic writing

Would you like to improve your study techniques? Do you want to become more proficient at writing academic texts? Would you like to feel more confident about public speaking? In that case, you can turn to the Academic Support Centre.

Students at Campus Helsingborg are welcome to contact our language consultant Ulla Urde via e-mail or tel. +46 724 50 63 52.

Booking an appointment: Always state your telephone number, briefly outline the area in which you need assistance and if you want an appointment in Helsingborg or Lund.

Read more about the Academic Support Centre at Lund University's website

Student Health Centre – health and lifestyle

The Student Health Centre focuses on problems relating to student life. The service covers problems relating to stress, performance or exam anxiety, fear of public speaking, worry, alcohol, sleeping disorders and depression, as well as providing support for lifestyle changes.

Meet with a counsellor

Students at Campus Helsingborg are welcome to meet Malin Kisro, student welfare officer at the Student Health Centre.

You can book a first meeting with the Student Health Centre. In this first meeting, we will discuss what kind of difficulties or problems you are experiencing and together we will look at the way forward.

If you are a student at Campus Helsingborg, you can book an appointment at The Student Health Centre at Lunds University's website.

Student chaplain

Do you need to talk to someone? Regardless of faith or philosophy of life, you are welcome to have a private conversation with our student chaplain. This could concern life, relationships, faith or other matters large and small.

Jessica Gunnarsson Nordqvist is the student chaplain at Campus Helsingborg and can be contacted via email at or tel. +46 70 372 61 06.

Read more about faith and spirituality at Lund University's website

Support for problems related to your study situation

There are several resources you can turn to if you have questions or need help with matters concerning your studies. If you experience a problem in your study situation, you should in the first instance contact the person or persons involved and, in the second, the head of the department concerned. You can also seek help from your students union or student ombudsman.

Read more about study-related support at Lund University's website

The students unions

Students who have a study-related problem can seek assistance from their students union. The unions cooperate closely and have good connections at department and faculty levels. Students at Campus Helsingborg can contact the unions on their websites:

Student health and safety representative

You can turn to the student health and safety representative to ask questions about, or report deficiencies in, your work environment. The student health and safety representative’s task is to influence work conditions with an aim to contribute to a good study environment, participate in safety inspections, assess how changes affect the students’ work environment, and keep updated on environmental legislation.

Read more about Student Health and Safety Representatives at Lund University's website


Study guidance

Astrid Johnson

Study advisor
Tel. +46 46 222 43 64 

Learning support

Carina Argelius

Learning support coordinator
Tel. +46 46 222 34 30

Academic Support Centre

Ulla Urde

Language consultant
Tel. +46 724 50 63 52 

Student Health Centre

Malin Kisro

Student welfare officer
Tel. +46 46 222 43 77 

Student chaplain

Jessica Gunnarsson Nordqvist
Tel. +46 70 372 61 06 

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