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Examination at Campus Helsingborg

The following rules and guidelines applies for students at Department of Strategic Communication, Department of Service Studies (Service Management) and School of Social Work.

For corresponding information as a student at LTH, faculty of engineering, click on following link.


You must register for each scheduled examination you wish to participate in. Register in Ladok via following link no later than fourteen days before the examination.

You will not receive a confirmation via Ladok, but under "Examination opportunities" you will see every current registration.

When the registration period has expired, you will receive information from the examination organisation to the e-mail you have registered in Ladok. You can change your e-mail under the section "My information".

If you have any problems with your registration, contact your department immediatley for help.

Forgott to register for exam?

If you are not registered for an exam opportunity, you are not guaranteed to partake. During examination, the registered students are allocated first. After that any extra seats can be accessible for unregistered students.

If you forgott to register you can go to the lecture hall before the examination starts and report to the exam host. It opens 30 minutes before the exam. We will then try to help you to find a seat. Which lecture hall to go to is stated in your scheduel in TimeEdit.

Dont forget to bring your ID, and also your LU-ID and password if the exam is digital.

Registration for an adapted exam

If you have a decision for pedagogical support, you may be entitled to an adapted examination (for example, extended time).
Remember that you must register with your specified contact person no later than fourteen days before each examination opportunity. Follow the instructions you have received from your student counselor. Otherwise, the same rules applies as described under Registration above.

Preparation for exams

  • In order to complete the examination, you must be able to present a valid photo ID. The LU card is valid. Identification is always checked during exam.
  • Exams can be given either as a paper exam or a digital exam. Information about what type of exam it is, and any preparations you need to make are stated in the information you receive via e-mail from the exam organisation.
  • For some exams, aids are permitted. These are stated in the information e-mail. Any other forms of aids used during the examination is reported as a suspicion of cheating. Examples of aids that are usually not allowed are mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, notes on the body or paper. (Link to rules and regulations at Lund University)
  • For digital exams, you must bring your own computer and, in some cases, download a secure browser. Please update your computer to avoid update reminders during the exam. When the exam starts your computer must be connected to a wireless network, instructions are available on site. Bring your charger cable. There are outlets and extension cords in the hall. If you have problems with any installation, contact LU Servicedesk
  • If you need to borrow a computer during examination, book one here: Computer reservation The computer and charger, will be in the lecture hall for your exam.

Examination day

  • Examinations always starts at the stated time. Be there in good time!

  • For some examinations it is possible to access the lecture hall after it has started, but only if no student has left the lecture hall. This will also be stated in your information e-mail. 

  • As a student, you must always follow the exam host's instructions. If you break the rules, are caught cheating or intentionally disturb others, the exam host ​​have the right to abort your exam. In case of suspicion of cheating, the examiner immediately notifies the teacher responsible for the exam and reports the incident for further processing.

  • Jackets, bags, mobile phones, etc. are placed as instructed by the host. 
  • The examination starts when the exam host ​​has announced. After that, you may not talk or otherwise communicate with others, nor share material with anyone, nor use other aids than those permitted.

  • The exam must be submitted regardless of whether you answered the questions or not.

  • You are expected to take in consider you fellow students in the lecture hall.

After the examination

  • No later than 15 working days after the examination and no later than two weeks before the re-examination, you will be notified a grade. At the regular exam, an exam review is held in connection with you receiving your grade (and your paper if it is a paper exam).
  • Results are announced in the manner announced by the person responsible for the exam in advance. Campus reception is handing out of paper exam and other related work at the reception (entrance level).
  • Keep in mind that examinations and exam results are public documents. Always pick up your written exam. When you collect your paper exam you sign the cover page, as a receipt that you have received it.  

Link tips:


Computer reservation

Inspera guide

Examination schedule

Information about the time and place of the exam is normally found in the TimeEdit schedule for your course.

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