Loan periods

Course books

Loan period 14 days, with automatic renewal, if there is no reservation for the book. Course books can be renewed maximum 5 times. Also applies to older editions.

Summer loan period

For course books we have an extended loan period between 20 May and 31 August. This means that course books borrowed 20 May and later will have 31 August as return date. The loan periods for other books are not affected.

Other books

Loan period 28 days, with automatic renewal, if there is no reservation for the book. Maximum 5 automatic renewals for students and extern patrons, and 12 for researchers/teachers. You will be notified by email when the book has to be returned.

Material which cannot be removed from the library

Journals, reference books, reference copies of course books and certain degree projects cannot be removed from the library on loan.


The conditions for e-book loans vary and are governed by the publishing house that produced the book.

You can find the publishers' conditions and loan periods here (new tab)

Check the return date in LUBcat

Books borrowed from different libraries at the University may have different loan periods.

Check the return date under Your summary in the library catalogue LUBcat. If you have provided a valid email address, you will get a reminder when the loan period is about to expire. If this would not work, it is still your responsibility to keep track of the loan period. 

LUBcat – the library catalogue (new tab)

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!



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