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Evaluation of Research

Comparing and evaluating research publications and publication channels

Where should I publish and why? How do other researchers in my discipline usually publish? Which impact and which citation level can I expect? There are many levels and differents ways to evaluate research depending on what you want to look at. As a researcher, you need different tools to be able to compare publications and publishing options.

Are you a researcher at Campus Helsingborg and want to know more about how you can: 

  • compare different journals, for instance concerning impact factor or other ranking, to choose where you want to publish (by using InCites Journal Citation Reports, SCImago Journal Ranking or the Norwegian List)
  • find new connections between researchers or publications by using citation analysis (Web of Science, Scopus or SciVal)
  • visualize how different publications, researchers or research groups have been cited by others or how the faculty collaborates with other actor inside or outside of the academy (for instance by using LUCRIS, Web of Science, Scopus or VOSviewer)


Do you want to know more about you research and how to evaluate it from different perspectives? Contact us!


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