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Use LUCRIS, Lund University’s Current Research Information System, to register and visualize different aspects of your research. LUCRIS allows you to add different types of activities (scholarly as well as outside of academia), projects and publications.

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The Research Portal

LUCRIS is the system’s input interface, while the Research Portal is the public portal where the information is displayed. By adding information to the database, different aspects of your research will be visualized in the Research Portal. This information can be seen by colleagues both within and outside the university, as well as by the media and the interested public. It is also possible for administrators to create reports based on the information in LUCRIS, in order to look at and analyze the research conducted at Lund University from different perspectives.

World maps in Lund University Research Portal illustrate collaborations within and outside of our university, both on personal and organizational level. Machine generated keywords, so called Fingerprints, and PlumX Altmetrics will automatically be added to different levels.

Research Portal (new tab)

Social Sciences Faculty's minimum requirement

Make sure that all information asked for by the Faculty's minimum requirements is added to your profile in LUCRIS.

LUCRIS  minimum requirements (new tab)

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LUCRIS support

The LUCRIS Support

Phone: 046-222 90 00

Faculty of Social Sciences

The Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

Faculty of Engineering

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The Research Portal

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