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Open Access

What is it and what does it mean for your research publishing?

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Open Access (OA) means free availability of research publications. Some research funders may require that publications (most often scholarly journal articles but sometimes other types of publications as well) funded by their money should be made available open access within a certain time after publication, usually between 6 months up to a year. You can find information about funders’ requirements by searching in the database Sherpa Juliet.

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Publications can be made open access in different ways: by choosing to publish in a fully open access journal (Gold OA) which might be funded by an author publishing cost (APC), by paying to make your article available open access after publishing (Hybrid OA) or by parallel publishing a version of your article in a repository such as LUCRIS.

Publisher agreements

Lund University can offer several agreements for open access publishing with different publishers, through national library collaborations. These deals can help cover your author publishing costs for open access, fully or partly. There is also a fund at the University Library for open access publishing. Read more about the publisher agreements and the open access fund on the University Library’s website or search for a specific journal in the Publisher Agreement Journal Search to see if it is included in a publisher agreement.

Publisher agreements and the open access fund on the University Library’s website (new tab)

Search for a specific journal in the Publisher agreement journal search's website (new tab)

Open Journal Systems

Are you editor of a journal published at Lund University and want to make the journal available open access? We can provide access to the open access publishing platform Open Journal Systems, and give technical support to journals at the faculty who wish to move to the OJS platform. Follow the link below to read more about Lund University’s OJS platform. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about OJS. 

Lund University’s OJS platform (new tab)


Does your research funder require open access publishing, do you wonder if a specific journal is trustworthy, or do you wish to parallel publish your research publications? Please contact us to book an appointment regarding your questions about open access!


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About Open Access

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Search for a journal and see if it is included in a publisher agreement.

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