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Workshop: how to write a data management plan

Have you applied for or already received research funding from the large Swedish or European research funders and are thinking about what to do with your data management plan? Welcome to a workshop with the Social Sciences Faculty Library, the 6th of December at 15.15-16.30 in room G101 (Sociology building).

To write a data management plan is an opportunity to consider how to handle your data, like collecting, organizing, store and save them. We will show the LU tool for creating data management plans, DMP Roadmap. At the workshop we can also discuss things that are useful to think about when writing a data management plan as well as answer question you have regarding this.

Save a seat at, email us December 1st at the latest. Please provide questions beforehand.

More information about data management plan on our web pages on research data management.

DMP Roadmap

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