Teaching Librarians

Students at Campus Helsingborg are offered tuition in information literacy skills, such as information searching, source evaluation and reference management. Librarians are available for instructional sessions for students. Please contact your librarian if you would like to book a session in your course. We also welcome students who struggle with aspects of information literacy to contact us.

Lina Köpsén Lina Köpsén. Photo.
Subject librarian for LTH School of
Email Lina.Kopsen@ch.lu.se
Phone 042-35 65 23

Anna PetterssonAnna Pettersson. Photo.
Subject librarian for Strategic
communication and the Social Work programme
Email Anna.Pettersson@ch.lu.se
Phone 042-35 65 26

Sara Rondahl Sara Rondahl. Photo.
Subject librarian for Service
Management and master programmes
Email Sara.Rondahl@ch.lu.se
Phone 042-35 65 73

Students with computer. Photo.

Library guides at Campus Helsingborg

The guides contains important links to databases and free resources

Book a librarian

Do you need to improve your information seeking strategies? Make an appointment with a librarian.

Reading difficulties

Here is information on the support you can get during your studies

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