Centre for Retail Research

Centre for Retail Research

The retail sector is one of Sweden's largest employers and is an important part of the economy as a whole and people's everyday life. A large portion of consumer income is spent in the retail sector. At the same time the international retail environment is ever changing and this poses new challenges for the retail sector, including its companies, employees and consumers.

The Centre for Retail Research at Lund University is an interdisciplinary research center with a focus on the retail sector. Inaugurated in March 2014, the center has more than 40 researchers affiliated to its projects.

It is now five years since the centre for retail research was founded and we have continued to develop and expand our operations. The research programmes that we started in 2016 – Retail Destination and Retail Innovation – are producing results that have been presented to the scientific community at various conferences.

In the first of the two, Retail Destination, the growth of city retail and how retail can be integrated into future urban growth is pivotal. The overarching importance of retail is essential from a general societal perspective as new types of urban growth are forming but also has special bearing for retail business located in and around cities.

In the second program, Retail Innovation, studies will be done on different aspects of innovation capacity within the retail sector, based on market intelligence trends such as increasing e-commerce and heightened pressures of change on physical stores.

The ability to progress and show creativeness is highly relevant and of great strategic importance to retailers with a desire to influence and form future conditions.

Management group

Ulf Johansson

(Centre Director), Professor of Marketing, School of Economics and Management

Tel. +46 46-222 39 16

Cecilia Fredriksson

Professor of Ethnology, Faculty of Social Sciences 

Tel. +46 42-35 66 42

Kristina Bäckström

Department of Service Management

+46 42-35 66 48  

Jens Hultman

Reader in Marketing, School of Economics and Management 

Tel. +46 46-222 47 75

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