Our Future City

Campus Helsingborg’s contribution to H22

Our Future City (H22)

In 2022, the international city expo H22 will be arranged in Helsingborg. Lund university takes part in the expo with the research event Our Future City. The aim for academia is to further examine the subjects discussed within H22, that is to say  issues of relevance for the city and our future society.

Over the course of one week, researchers have the opportunity to organise interdisciplinary seminars, debates and workshops for the general public. Our Future City is international in character. The aim is not to discuss Helsingborg’s future, but what the future holds for global cities. Key note speakers and participants can therefore be invited from all over Sweden and not least – all over the world.

A group with Campus Helsingborg representatives has been formed and is working with the initial preparations. If you have plans or ideas of an event, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via Sanna Trygg, sanna.tryggg@ch.lu.se

Our Future City 

One week of academic talks, discussions, and workshops focusing on the 2030 Agenda sustainable development goal 11 on sustainable cities and communities. The event is held at Lund university in Helsingborg 7-10:th of June 2022.

  • Tuesday (7:th of June 2022) Theme: Citizen participation and resistance

The theme of this day will reflect upon issues concerning participatory democracy, the city and its citizens. The discussions will focus on democracy, the public sector, change and creativity. How can citizens participate in decision-making at grassroot level? What actions are needed to strengthen social cohesion among communities and a common identity in cities?  What kind of leadership will take us further on?

The aim of this day is to contrast perspectives in order  explore new ways of dealing with these issues.

Keywords: Democracy, politics, communication, city branding, leadership, management, participation, co-creation, collaboration, resistance, social sustainability, social cohesion, public sector, grassroots movement, activism, protest.

  • Wednesday (8:th of June 2022) Theme: Green urban growth or degrowth

What is needed to shape a responsible industry transformation and growth? How can the cohesive, sustainable and resilient economy take form? What is to expect of the transition to a more equitable economy in terms of productivity and growth?

During this day the agenda will reflect upon questions related to consumption, anti-consumption, growth, and de-growth. These issues will be discussed in light of new behaviours emerging in the post-pandemic area and digitalisation.

Keywords: Growth, degrowth, global commons, global, regional and local cooperation, circular economy, consumption, anti-consumption, logistics, fashion, culture, capitalism, globalization, digitalisation.

  • Thursday (9:th of June 2022) Theme: Urgent urban challenges

How can we use social innovation for social transformation? What kind of innovations are needed to engage and inspire us to shape a sustainable tomorrow? How can smart technology and artificial intelligence solve challenges related to virus spread and increasing and ageing  populations in cities?

The theme addresses urban global challenges and how they are interconnected. Special attention is paid to health, smart technology, and artificial intelligence.

Keywords: Innovation, artificial intelligence, health, competence provision, smart technology, care, health, IoT, public sector.

  • Friday (10:th of June 2022) Theme: Urban development and decay

What will urban place and space look like in the future? Who is the urban landscape constructed for? How will it be used? What solutions are to be found when it comes to equity, safety, wellbeing, and diversity? How can we live together?

The final theme of the week brings together issues related to sustainability and including urban planning, architecture, and place making in the search of the question of how we can live together in an equitable and sustainable manner.

Keywords: Place making and development, safety, urban planning, architecture, green and blue surfaces,  inclusion, equity, gender, diversity, segregation, cosmopolitanism, town center, tourism, waste, decay.

What is H22?

What is H22?

H22 is the umbrella term for the international city expo organised during five weks, from 30th May to 3rd July 2022, by Helsingborg City. The expo aims to highlight issues that affect the cities of tomorrow from a number of different perspectives. Each week has a specific theme. 

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