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Research Areas

Research areas

Campus Helsingborg's profile is at once broad and specialized. On the one hand, it is home to research in traditional and vast subject areas – such as social work and engineering. On the other hand, research in new, emerging academic fileds thrives here – such as service studies, fashion studies and strategic communication.

Service studies

Service Studies is an interdisciplinary research area at the Department of Service Management and Service Studies. The need to understand and explain our complex service society is growing and therefore research in service studies becomes significant.

Our vision is to be a world-leading research department in the field of service studies, thus we concentrate our research to several active research areas:

  • Consumption and Retail
  • Sustainability and Services
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Organization, Leadership and Service work
  • Welfare Services in the Welfare Society
  • Tourism and Hospitality

Department of Service Management and Service Studies website

Strategic communication

Research in strategic communication tackles the formal and informal communication initiatives which an organisation implements in order to achieve a particular goal. These can be anything from marketing communication and communication to reinforce relations with external groups, to how internal communication affects the organisation. The focus is on communication processes from the perspective of society, the organisation and the individual.

At the Department of Strategic Communication research focuses primarily on:

  • Crisis communication
  • Change communication
  • Research into the profession of communications officers
  • Image and branding research

Department of Strategic Communication website

Social work

The School of Social Work is located on two campuses: Campus Helsingborg and the School of Social Work in Lund.

Social work is an interdisciplinary field that includes questions about social problems, their definitions, origins, causes and solutions; conditions and living conditions of vulnerable groups and individuals and social interventions. The field also covers organizational and professional research, that is, studies of how social work is organized and carried out.

Many of our researchers are active in thematic groups, collaborating within the university, as well as with external partners.

Website of the School of Social Work

Fashion studies

Fashion studies engages in research on fashion, clothes and textiles from contemporary and historical perspectives. As an umbrella term fashion encompass everything from fashion as cultural phenomenon, social practice, aesthetic expression to commercial commodity. This approach gives the subject its multidisciplinary character.

At Lund University, particular attention is given the materiality of fashion, and fashion and sustainability. Fashion has long been the object of interest, most notably within art history, sociology, ethnology and philosophy.

The Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences gathers a large set of disciplines. The multitude of fields of interest, themes and directions is rich and interdisciplinary.

Website of the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences

Faculty of Engineering

LTH – Faculty of Engineering is one of Sweden's largest engineering faculties and is the biggest faculty at Lund University. There are more than 800 active researchers at the Faculty of Engineering in Lund and Helsingborg. They are active within classical technical subjects as well as newer areas with connections to medicine, science, environment and design.

All together the research constitutes 15–20 percent of the total technical research at universities in Sweden.

Learn more about the Faculty of Engineering on their website

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