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Retail service and city logistics


Retail service and city logistics – ReLog

Competition is getting tougher for retail service companies and efficient logistics are in many cases crucial to the distribution of goods and services. ReLog is an innovative environment for the development of the retail services and city logistics of the future.

The city of Helsingborg has identified logistics as a priority area for research and higher education. The research within ReLog integrates the expertise in logistics and service studies which is well established at Campus Helsingborg. The close collaboration with logistics and retail companies provides excellent conditions for applied research.

ReLog aims to pursue, strengthen and develop interdisciplinary, need-oriented and applied research, primarily in logistics, that contributes to enhancing skills, a new workforce and innovation, and with that, growth for the business community.

Our Impact

Based on the challenges facing Helsingborg and its industry, a particularly strong research community has been established with expertise in the digitalization of retail trade and distribution.

ReLog has successfully obtained the majority of its research project funding from various research councils and foundations, and has delivered quality results on an international, top-class level. For example, ReLog is a natural participant in the Centre for Retail Research at Lund University, an interdisciplinary centre of excellence.

Numerous research projects, new business concepts, improved teaching quality and a new company are some of the outcomes of the strategic research venture, ReLog, at Campus Helsingborg.

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