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CROCUS: Exploring the materiality of seaweed

crocus network meeting
Tid: 2022-09-28 13:15 till 15:00 Övrigt

Welcome to this autumn's open network meetings arranged by CROCUS. The first in the series on the team Materiality and Public Art, which in different way intersects a discussion concerning the role and conditions of art, aesthetics and objects, is focusing on materiality.

Program of the day

Cecilia Fredriksson 
Crocus network updates

Cecilia Fredriksson & Marie Ledendal
TÅNG + KERAMIK + TEXTIL – work in progress presentation of the research project and exhibition. Cecilia Fredriksson and Marie Ledendal from the network presents part of the ongoing research project Seaweed + Ceramics + Textile in an exhibition format. The project is conducted within the framework of CROCUS, where Cecilia and Marie investigate and problematize the role of seaweed through its expression and materiality. The research project has previously been shown at Southern Sweden Design Days 2022.
Cecilia Fredriksson is professor of ethnology at the Department of Service Management and Service Science at Lund University. Marie Ledendal is a textile designer and lecturer in applied visual communication at the Department of Strategic Communication at Lund University.

Coffee and mingle
Opportunity to take a guided tour of RecoLab. RecoLab is a showroom and a testbed for innovations in the sewage system, where, among other things, works with algae and water purification is conducted in collaboration with the other interdisciplinary research project at Lund University. 
For more information about RecoLab, click here.

Cecilia Fredriksson closes the meeting

Registration is required, register latest on Monday September 26, 2022 to marie.ledendal@isk.lu.se.

Om händelsen
Tid: 2022-09-28 13:15 till 15:00

RecoLab, Atlantgatan 8, 252 25 Helsingborg

marie [dot] ledendal [at] isk [dot] lu [dot] se

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