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Exam guide

Routines for Campus Helsingborgs teachers planning exam

The exam guide is intended to be used as a step-by-step guide for teachers at Department of Strategic communication, Department of Service Studies and School of Social Work, when ordering exams at the exam organisation at Campus Helsingborg.

The work internally at the institution can vary, and the guide is to be seen more as a checklist.

The Institution appoints one person, called exam coordinator, who is responsible for the exam (The teacher/ course coordinator/ examiner).

1. Planning for exams (before the semester starts) 

  • When scheduling the semester, the examination dates (regular + two re-exam) are booked at the scheduler (TimeEdit) by the exam coordinator/institution.
  • After the scheduler has booked these exams in TimeEdit, the exam organisation plans the exam schedule for the semester. At this point the date for the exam is planned in our schedul, but the exam also needs to be specified as step 2 below.

    Tip: Students have two weeks registration time. Remember to have sufficient time between the exam and the re-exam so that the exam can be corrected.


2. Order the exam (about one month ahead)

  • The examination needs to be reserved at the exam organisation by the Institution, via online form (link to form)
  • The Institution needs to create registration activity for the exam in Ladok, with registration time that closes two weeks before the exam.

3. Before the exam (about one week ahead)  

  • The exam organisation needs the exam sample three working days before the exam day. The institutions exam coordinator is responsible for the content, please proofread the exam one extra time.
  • On digital exam with Inspera, the Institution (Exam coordinator) creates the exam and adds the exam organisation in Inspera as "admin" (

    Tip: When creating the exam, name it accordingly: course code, date, test. For example: KSMC25 210512 re-exam, so it is easy to find.
  • On paper exam, send the exam as a PDF via e- mail to: or send it as a hard copy in an sealed envelope (contact for handover). 
  • On adapted exam, the exam organization notifies the teacher which lecture hall students with pedagogical support write their exams. Each department has a contact person who is responsible for ensuring that the examination organization receives information in good time (first weekday after the end of the registration period, 14 days before the examination) which students are eligible for adapted (pedagogical) support for examinations.
  • When the registration period for the exam expires, an e-mail from the exam organisation is sent to the students enrolled in Ladok, containing vital information.


4. During the exam

  • The exam coordinator needs to be available to the exam organisation at all examination session, throughout the scheduled examination time for questions/ situations via telephone (includes students with adapted examinations)
  • At regular examinations, the exam coordinator needs to be available for the student's questions. The time for this is informed to the students before the exam and filled in with the exam reservation.


5. After the examination


  • Paper exams, attendance lists etc. are sorted and submitted by the exam organisation in the small safe on the ground floor in an envelope. This can be collected earliest than the day after the examination.
  • After grading and possible writing review (regular exam), the paper exams are submitted at the reception for retrieving by the students.




Head of department Ann Lindvall Lundgren
Phone: +46 46 222 39 46

Exam coordinator Pia Tham
Phone: +46 42 356 541