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Collaboration with students

Is your organisation looking for new ways to solve problems, or do you need to recruit the next generation? Campus Helsingborg brings together 4000 students from different programmes and countries. Through close cooperation with the surrounding community, the students are prepared for their working lives.

As a company or organisation, you can get in touch with the students in a number of ways.

Degree and student projects

Degree projects are one of the most established forms of cooperation where there are formal structures for supervising teachers, students and participating organisations. Degree projects are a good way to make early contact with students who are at the end of their education and will be entering the labour market within a year.

Most of the programmes at Campus Helsingborg have long experience of working with industry and the public sector on degree projects, and this is often appreciated by both students and organisations.

Guest lecturers

It is important for Lund University to be able to offer our students the latest developments in practice in companies, authorities and organisations. We therefore often invite guest lecturers to our courses who can give a good insight into what is happening in the world of work. Often our guest lecturers have an established relationship with the University through research projects, dissertations or similar collaborations. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a guest lecturer.

Job Fair Days

Participating in the university's job fair days is a very good opportunity to present your activities to students. Lund University organises several different events related to the business world, and the Helsingborg campus organises Agora Day and MässING every year. You can find more information about each of these events on their websites.

Networks for businesses and organisations

Campus Vänner

Campus Vänner is a local organisation that works for the best possible exchange between students at Campus Helsingborg and the business community in NV Skåne. They are the bridge builder between students and companies - all so that students or entrepreneurs can create inspiring and important contacts for the future.

Contact details: Maja Lemner, Operations Manager: info [at] campusvanner [dot] se 


Through Sustainalink, companies can get in touch with students to collaborate on projects and sustainability challenges.

Contact details: Malin Planander, Executive Director: info [at] sustainalink [dot] se

Collaboration with student unions and associations

At Campus Helsingborg there are several active student unions and associations that work with collaboration and contacts with the business community. Read more and get in touch with them below: 

  • AGORA, the Helsingborg section of the Society of Social Scientists.
  • Ingenjörssektionen, a part of Teknologkåren at Lund University of Technology.
  • Fashion Science Study Council
  • The student organisation Stampus 
  • MiH Student